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A Portal to the Unseen

Immerse yourself in the captivating shamanic world of The Dreaming of You, a 56-card oracle deck crafted by artist and author Roger Metz. Each card is a portal to the unseen, offering profound messages from the spirit world and illuminating your path toward healing and wholeness.

This unique deck, accompanied by a 120-page guidebook filled with shamanic teachings, invites you to connect with your intuition, explore your shadows, and embrace the transformative power of your dreams.

Let these evocative images guide you on a journey of self-discovery and unlock the wisdom of your soul.

This Printing 2023 ©RogerMetz 

Includes:56 cards 120 page guidebook


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the dreaming of you shaman oracle deck
the dreaming of you shaman oracle deck at a chalice well
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• Navigate the realms of light, shadow, and dark while unlocking insights along the way.
• Use these cards when you feel burdened, suffering, traumatized, or in a conflict of desire, heart, and mind.
• Use for daily guidance, meditation, reflection, or ritual practices.
• Help clients on a path of healing, shadow-work, and spiritual-based self-help.
• Take the ultimate step toward your soul's awakening into 5D.
• Reveal the original dream of you with this amazing shaman oracle card set and guidebook.

This supportive journey arrives in mystical ways showing you an unconventional path towards your original purpose. It will strengthen your connection to life through one or more shamanistic methods including ceremony, energy healing, trance states, bodywork, breathwork and plant medicines that help you see and feel beyond the limited experience you are in.

Intuitive Consulting

Welcome to your best advantage, a place where innovation meets intuition and redefines the future of self and business. In the dynamic landscape of today, success and freedom hinge on our ability to see beyond the obvious and embrace the unknown. That's where our intuitive consulting services come in. By harnessing the power of intuition, we empower people and businesses like yours to navigate expansion and complexity with confidence and clarity. Say goodbye to outdated formulae-type strategies that keep you experiencing a boxed and predictable outcome, and say hello to a new era of endless possibilities. With this approach to intuitive consulting, you'll uncover hidden opportunities, unlock untapped potential, and lead the way with innovative, diverse, inclusive strategies. Join us on the forefront of business evolution, discover what lies beyond the ordinary, and embrace the unknown.

Air Pressure

Transformational Breathwork

Experience the most original and challenging breathwork at Expansion Cast. Transform your being with this unique style. Reduce stress and tension. Become energized.

Authentic and Empowering

Discover the power of authentic and empowering breathwork at Expansion Cast. Release emotional blockages and connect with your true self. Experience deep healing and personal growth.

Catching a Breath

Experience the transformative power of Dreaming Warrior Breathwork with Expansion Cast. This unique breathwork practice, rooted in tantra, takes you to new levels of dreaming and living. You'll release tension and stress through intentional breathing techniques while unlocking deep states of consciousness. This is no ordinary breathwork experience, but one that will leave you feeling refreshed, happy, energized, and ready to take on the world. This work is great for those working through addictions, limiting thoughts and beliefs, and wanting to expand their awareness. Book your session with Expansion Cast today. Available online, in your home, or in Expansion Cast's Temple space in Lethbridge Alberta. 

Discover the unique features of Expansion Cast's breathwork and mindfulness programs. Take the first step towards a healthier and more balanced life. Get in touch with us today.


Are you ready to explore the interesting stories hidden within your subconscious? When you are ready, you have the option to move backwards (QHHT) or forwards in time and space to exciting treasures of you waiting to be discovered. Find out and reprogram: How are hidden stories manipulating your day? How are old experiences shaping your fears, addictions, and projections? Sessions are available in person (QHHT) and over zoom (SOHT).

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Why? You Are Unique - Your Path Should Be Too.


Experience a New Level of Calm after stepping into a powerful realm of tranquility and self-discovery with Personalized Guided Meditations by Roger Metz - The Shaman Oracle.

In our modern whirlwind of obligations and distractions, finding moments of peace and introspection can feel like an elusive dream. Yet, within the sanctuary of Roger Metz's tailored meditative experiences lies a profound opportunity for inner transformation - an opportunity to move beyond the walls that hold you hostage and into actualizing your dreams.

Roger seamlessly channels ancient wisdom with contemporary insights to craft personalized meditative journeys that cultivate personal keys and speak directly to the individual seeker. With an intuitive understanding of the human psyche and a mastery of meditative techniques, Roger Metz invites participants to embark on a deeply immersive exploration of the self. depths of your own consciousness.

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Personalized Psychic Art and Coaching Sessions


Are you feeling up is down and down is up? Where in is out and out is in? There does not seem to be any flow pulling you in a direction? Or you are lost in all directions? Are you feeling Lost around Life/Love/Work/Purpose? Roger creates shamanic-inspired prints through a unique process. He begins by meditating in the presence of you or natural elements like trees or water, where he deeply connects with and explores the essence of each subject. Using drawing tools he captures these experiences. Afterward, Roger taps into a trance-like state to extract psychic imagery and sensations from the captured moments. He then digitally enhances the images to evoke the energy and essence he perceives. Find direction here with a reading and as an option receive an original Artwork designed from my inner vision of You. This might be an abstract design, something vivid, dark, light, simple, or complex. The art will speak to you in ways that words fail. Meditate and contemplate with the work and experience an ineffable transformation. The artwork will elicit vibrations, feelings, and emotions - sometimes ones that are hidden in old patterns! A few of the Oracle cards shown here were created using this process. Roger is offering a Psychic Empowerment Print along with six Transpersonal coaching sessions. 

The Dreaming of You! Shaman Oracle Deck Reading 


Our life is a brilliant contraction and expansion of dreams and energies that can make no sense as we move through the day and night dreaming. The Dreaming of You! Shaman Oracle Deck is a unique set of cards that was channeled through Roger to help you understand all that is supporting your original dream (life purpose). In this card reading you will discover how powerful "The Dreaming of You!",  a deck of 56 original and captivating images will speak and cultivate new awareness whilst awakening your inner guide and igniting a transformative journey within. These evocative cards will be your compass as you navigate the realms of Light, Shadow, and Dark—unlocking profound insights and truths along the way.  

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