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Expansion Cast - The Unconventional Journey


Roger creates shamanic-inspired prints through a unique process. He begins by meditating in the presence of natural elements like trees or water, where he deeply connects with and explores the essence of each subject. Using photography, he captures these experiences. Afterward, Roger taps into a trance-like state to extract psychic imagery and sensations from the captured moments. He then digitally enhances the images to evoke the energy and essence he perceives. The result is a captivating digital artwork.

Discover The Dreaming of You, a deck of 56 original and captivating images crafted to awaken your inner guide and ignite a transformative journey within. Let these evocative cards be your compass as you navigate the realms of Light, Shadow, and Dark—unlocking profound insights and truths along the way. Take the ultimate step toward your soul's awakening and uncover the Original Dream of You with this Shaman Oracle Card set and guidebook.

This Printing 2023 ©RogerMetz 

Includes:56 cards 120 page guidebook



Tantra Life is a brilliant game brought to you from Expansion Cast! It explores our edges, fears, and wounds, while celebrating love, joy, radiance, compassion, and many more emotions. It can be played with consenting adults who are willing to be seen and show up courageously. Neo tantra is at the base of this game and includes 94 individual cards. If you are looking for a game that has the group connecting authentically while laughing this is it! Can be played with 2 + people. Best groups size is 6-12. Includes 94 cards & instruction booklet. 

"A Brilliant Game"
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Roger creates psychic-inspired prints through a unique process. He enters a meditative state during ceremonies or sessions with clients, opening his dream body to receive psychic information from the subject's various energy bodies. In this state, he communicates with the non-form, allowing the art to flow onto paper through automatic drawing. Once the sketch is finished, Roger recreates the image in digital format.

Expansion Cast

Tantric Healing is a practice that involves addressing issues related to sexual/creative energy and emotional/sexual trauma. It is becoming more accepted in modern culture. Using the ancient practice of Tantra, which focuses on sacred sexuality, Tantric Healing aims to uncover and release blockages in the flow of sexual energy. These blockages can manifest as physical discomfort, pain, or numbness and can be caused by adverse experiences such as betrayal, assault, or abuse. Tantric Healing aims to restore the natural flow of sexual/creative energy. It is a holistic approach that works on both physiological and emotional level. 


This healing journey arrives in mystical ways showing you an unconventional path to your essence, love, magic, success and soul. It will strengthen your connection to life through several or many shamanistic methods including ceremony, energy healing, trance states, bodywork, breathwork and plant medicines.

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Together we dive into the metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual symbols of your dream. We analyze the images to find the messages within your dream. By doing this we are helping clear up the communications of unconscious elements as they arrive to help you in this conscious space. These dream elements gift us insight into limitations or opportunities which you may not be fully aware of while in this conscious space.

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Are you ready to explore the interesting stories hidden within your subconscious? When you are ready, you have the option to move backwards or forwards in time to treasures waiting to be discovered. Find out and reprogram: How are hidden stories manipulating your day? How are old experiences shaping your fears, addictions and projections? Sessions available in person and over zoom.



Shamanic inspired personal ceremonies where we dive into and celebrate the original you - the part of you that existed prior to any conditioning. You will explore what is at your core and recognize the parts that are limiting your moments and experiences. If this lights you up in any way you are ready! Lets connect.

Personalized Psychic Art and Coaching Sessions


Are you feeling up is down and down is up? Where in is out and out is in? There does not seem to be any flow pulling you in a direction? Or you are lost in all directions? Are you feeling Lost around Life/Love/Work/Purpose? Find direction here with a reading and as an option receive an original Artwork designed from my inner vision of You. This might be an abstract design, something vivid, dark, light, simple, or complex. The art will speak to you in ways that words fail. Meditate and contemplate with the work and experience an ineffable transformation. The artwork will elicit vibrations, feelings, and emotions - sometimes ones that are hidden in old patterns! A few of the Oracle cards shown here were created using this process. Roger is offering a Psychic Empowerment Print along with six Transpersonal coaching sessions. Click the Start Now button below.

The Dreaming of You! Shaman Oracle Deck Reading 


Our life is a brilliant contraction and expansion of dreams and energies that can make no sense as we move through the day and night dreaming. The Dreaming of You! Shaman Oracle Deck is a unique set of cards that was channeled through Roger to help you understand all that is supporting your original dream (life purpose). In this card reading you will discover how powerful "The Dreaming of You!",  a deck of 56 original and captivating images will speak and cultivate new awareness whilst awakening your inner guide and igniting a transformative journey within. These evocative cards will be your compass as you navigate the realms of Light, Shadow, and Dark—unlocking profound insights and truths along the way.  

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