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Eliminating Unknown Limitations through Psychic Development

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

During my practice in hypnosis, energy work, tantra, yoga and meditation I found a space of existing that we can all access which allows us to move from a state of tension into a state of expansion in a single moment. Present Point Awareness is a technique I accidentally stumbled upon after years of working on cultivating presence through awareness practices. It allows us to bypass much of the difficult internal struggles, the grueling reading and the never-ending pursuit for freedom that has many of us on a path of chasing.

In this pursuit for an ecstatic life, we become so devoted to our desire for freedom from struggle that we appear as relentless idiotic zombies diving into the next fashionable self-help practice that either does nothing more than give a false promise or further entrenches our wounded aspects.

Like an oval race track we move in the same direction continually passing the finish line in hopes that one day a flag will be raised – You have made it! We reach and reach with desperate desire to illuminate our power and deliver us into our inherent potential that seems beyond the now. Moving from states of ecstasy to states of melancholy, we trade action for passivity as we try to grasp onto these teachings and put them into our daily practice. Brief moments of elation, progress and relative inspiration join us in our daily efforts, but, between the active pursuits our inspiration fades and we move back into the all too familiar struggles while experiencing the unsupported space where we began the arduous journey towards promised freedom or enlightenment.

Present Point Awareness is a process which allows us to find and experience ultimate freedom in any moment. It is the space where our original dream is alive, where our soul speaks from. With some simple basic knowledge and practice you will liberate your ‘struggling identity’ from the frustrating circular trap of promises.

Finding the path to present point awareness begins with tuning towards your inner knowing. This inner knowing is a space deep within our being where one can listen and follow the suggestions of our divine self. This might sound ridiculous, hippy talk, or even religious, but if you follow along, you will find it to be real and tangible. The knowing is basically a transmission from beyond our conscious mind. Some might call this the subconscious or superconscious but the space of knowing I am speaking of comes with knowledge beyond anything we have experienced in our adult life. It is the source of our soul’s truth. This knowing is an expansive wisdom which has no ties to fear or limitation. It has no ties to false needs or compulsive wants. The ability to be connected to this original self comes through in many ways but is generally known as intuition or gut sense. When we are genuinely connected to our intuitive senses, we are allowing the awareness of pure inner knowing to guide us.

Being a real intuitive takes much less and much more effort than we expect.

Many begin at the door of intuition, eager, with fantastic effort but little faith. The doorway into intuitive knowing takes less effort than we expect. What we have been programmed to expect is that we need to force the vision or path of knowing, or that this is a dangerous path filled with regret and terrible choices, but the path of knowing reveals itself as a magical force full of wisdom, surprises and joy once we remove ourselves from the distracting belief systems we’ve created or accepted in place of truth.

Intuition itself is effort-less. It is a relationship with our original dream. It is a passive means of recognizing information from divine energy patterns which are always around us. We have options, and when not experiencing intuition our magical mind is creating so much distraction, we unconsciously spend our days moving in ways that the moving itself creates a thick window of static (energy) between our divine reality (deep seated truth) and our daily conscious state of mind (living world).

What ultimately prevents us from moving into this state of awareness is a subtle resistance to unrecognized energy patterns. That resistance, created from simple, safe, and common beliefs, may or may not have been created with awareness, but through the support of our limiting belief systems, we unconsciously pull safe energy patterns into our path and accept them as the only reality. These energy patterns live in our subtle fields of awareness taking space and limiting our experiences in ways that we find acceptable. They appear safe.

An unconscious energy pattern is simply something we have either attracted and/or are attracting into our present state of being. The patterns are not necessarily simplistic. They can be created through a need for comfort or through accepting a belief system (story) that appears to fulfill a false or limiting need. They weave and flow into many aspects of our life and the lives of others. And so, it is these limiting energy patterns that hide or suppress one’s abilities to allow clear communication from our intuition.

So how can we become aware – how can we illuminate the specific patterns or events we are pulling into our conscious reality through subconscious means?

It was late summer, a friend approached me with a question that had been in the making for many years. “Roger, how would you feel about offering a class at our social event next month?”

He continued to explain the event and that I could choose the contents of my offering. I knew right away and answered, “Yes, I would love to”.

As I drove home that day, my mind was a swirl of ideas coming to me from past inspirations and memories of old desires. The challenge had been set. I was allowing the inspirations to flow and grow. A few days later I sat in my office capturing those inspired ideas. I was so excited and nervous to bring a class together in what was to be an experiment in our ability to feel and recognize energy streams.

Those tiny particles of memories, spaces where I had been completely and randomly inspired over the years came to life as I started creating my very first course outline. I was in flow. I was in my dream.

The material came together as easy as breathing.

Class day arrived. I had never felt so nervous. As I prepared the room, I brought in a limited number of bolsters, set upon them the course material then sat at one end of the bolster circle. With my eyes closed, I allowed myself to drop into a meditative state where I could sense everything. People began to arrive and seated their selves as I continued to meditate. The random number of bolsters filled perfectly. As if I had known how many people would attend the class. I didn't.

I began the class with theoretical proof that everything has frequency, and that frequency has a tangible identity that can be felt. I then described how everything has its own energy identity and explained that there are very tangible energy streams between ourselves and objects. Much like how we can feel the sexual energy between people, we can feel the energy of objects. And because of this amazing ability, we can all tune into a location of an object. FYI, this energy is also the source of karma.

Once the theory was understood, I explained why it is that many of us do not notice these object energies. It is because we dumb down our senses to abandon uncomfortable emotions. Our emotions provide the information we need to read our environments. Just imagine if we could not tune out the countless strands of information, messages, frequencies around us. We would be overwhelmed. And truth is, there are many people who are overwhelmed by streams of energy and end up in psychic hospitals or on medication.

This path is the path of psychic development – emotional development – the development of our sensitivities.

So how do we develop these skills? We start by shutting down external stimuli. And then open the senses one by one with focus.

The class was instructed to create artwork that meant something to them. Artwork they could feel. A strong emotional bond or connection helps us locate something. I had a student say, “I lost a diamond ring a year ago. It had lots of meaning and I couldn’t find it. How do you explain that?” I responded, “There are many obstacles in our way when tuning in to these streams. The biggest obstacle is our emotional wellbeing. Are we able to feel safe and present when seeking or are we overwhelmed with fears and negative stories? It is typical that one is so saddened by the loss that the arriving frequencies and senses create interior conflicts.

After the drawings were completed and inserted into blank envelopes, I randomly distributed them around the space while everyone walked around blindfolded.

Now came the trial. the students were unblindfolded and guided into a meditative state.

About half the group found their drawing on the first selection. Some needed guidance and reframing. Some needed to let go of the mental chatter.

P.S. Emotions exist within our consciousness by either limiting or expanding our experience of life.



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