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Doing versus Being

The most effort I make in life is to not be doing. So when someone asks me what I do.

I pause. And I breathe.

I don’t do. I be.

So what can I say?

Being isn’t doing. It is conscious awareness.

It is flowing. It is dreaming. It is floating.

It is expansion and contraction. It is ecstasy. It is emotional expression.

It is repetitively returning to love.

It is realigning with my original dream.

It is respecting the dream of Earth.

It is knowing when the unaligned dreams of others are stagnating my dream.

It is supporting another’s original dream. It is waking up every day to possibility.

It is creating personal rituals. It is breaking habits that impede dreaming.

It is being radically honest. It is taking responsibility for all.

It is being when doing wants control.

This is what I be.


The image here is of the Wish Shaman. My wish for all of you is to be. To be flowing in your dream. To witness and stay on the timeline of your original dream. To recognize when doing is overpowering your dream of being. The Wish Shaman Grants your wishes as you desire. Just a caution though, this shaman will need to clear the path so that your wish can arrive. This can be a heavy and courageous request. If you resist any of the processes, your wish will fall into anothers' hands!

You can get a copy of the Wish Shaman over at my store.

In Being,




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