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Exposing Your Self

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Of the harder life lessons to experience is one drenched in loneliness. Loneliness which is born from feeling like a victim. As odd as it might sound, feeling like a victim is providing an opportunity to grow beyond the limitation that is causing the victim story. It is an invitation for you to move into your authentic power of courage and speak your truth.

If in this dream, you are experiencing struggle, you are definitely running a script where you are the victim. And there is nobody to blame. No pills to take. No excuses to make. What does exist is a selfless responsibility to being a conscious witness to your own story to your own dream.

There are movie scripts everywhere with all sorts of characters. People are moving around life living in a group of belief systems that match their movie character. What character are you playing? Will you take the courage needed to step into freedom? Will you dig deep and find the courage to speak and/or express your truth and leave illusion behind?

On the brink of freedom, comes lessons in courage. Lessons so difficult to explore that we will try to move back into the safe zone every time they appear. We will continue to express in a busy way which allows us to keep planning our cowardly safe smallness. Struggle happens when we don’t accept our invited power to move forward in our life. Although we have desire to move ahead in courage, we come to odds with our inner coward and just bounce in a predetermined direction.

Have you ever thrown one of those sparkly rubber balls in your house? if you are careful and plan the toss with consideration to how hard to throw, what surface to bounce it on etc, you will be able to watch the ball move in predictable movements without any surprises. Now throw the ball randomly with lots of force. It will express movement without desired targets, and occasionally if it hits an unpredictable edge, the edge will cause the ball to move in a whole new path, providing fear in some people and excitement in others.

Throwing this ball wildly is much like jumping into life with a willingness to surrender into the spontaneity of the edges, to the lessons behind those edges. If you have the courage to jump into the spontaneous experience of life that awaits you on the other side of fear – your inner truth will expose itself as you move through a path of seemingly random trajectories.



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