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Healing Dream Trauma!

Updated: Jun 15

For many of us, the idea of dealing with addiction seems like a disheartening undertaking and only appears this way for two reasons. Firstly, and secondly addiction is not entirely what you’ve been told.

I am definitely not a degree holding doctor or psychologist. My professional training has been in alternative healing arts and journalism. I’ve always been a keen observer with creative and somewhat innovative thought processes. The thing that allows me to write on this subject is that I’ve been observant while sharing a life path with various forms of addiction. I’ve spent many years watching myself, family, and friends move through or be paralyzed by different addictive cycles.

The following is brief and only an outline but works well and is from healing real-life with addiction.

What I have observed and experienced is that addiction is a spectrum energy. On one end is negative addiction and the other is positive addiction. Negative addiction arrives when the relationship to our core dream (original dream, soul purpose) is out of alignment. That unalignment will show up in one’s relationship with self, others, community, or local ecosystem. Positive addiction shows up when we are in alignment with our purpose and original dream.

Many who speak about ‘addiction’ talk about it as if it were a disease or an enemy. If we agree with this then we will be in a constant state of hate, struggle, unease, judgement, and pulsing anger. So, before we go any further, lets let go of that fallacy and agree that addiction is not the enemy. Addiction is about the relationship between dreams, focus, and attraction.

There are three sides to negative addiction:

1. Focus: What one is experiencing is magnetic energy with a loss of dream focus. The loss of focus arrives when we either forget or replace our dream. When we accept others dreaming as our truth, or accept that our dream is unreal, unattainable, not worthy, silly, or doesn’t measure up to the ideals of the camp one lives in we automatically create an energetic repulsion or void that desires to be corrected or filled respectively. Our focus becomes skittish and unstable.

2. Attraction: Whether one is in an overly intense and unhealthy physical or emotional addiction, the part at the core of this is an out of balance relationship. This imbalance can cause us to feel lost in an abyss of uncontrollable attractive cravings and impulses that are trying to get us back on track, back into alignment with our dream. But when we reject our dream, we start to loop in unhealthy addictive archetypical patterns such as victim and hero. These looping patterns pull us towards unhealthy habits. Looping in and out until clarity arrives.

3. Dreaming: Not having a dream will cause stagnation within one’s purpose and/or creative process. It will produce a depressive loop where one moves from inspired hopeful to deflated and depressed. This stagnation will show up as lack in many other places in your life such as money, support, and love. And it will steal your passion. Without passion there can be no purpose – no dreaming.

So, if we start to feel into addiction as the energy to attract or repel dreams one can see how when we are living the dreams of another, much of the energy arriving will show up in destructive patterns. It will try to destroy the untruth you have accepted. Your false dream. The life you’ve built. On the other side we can see how when we arrive in radiant awareness these three sides of addiction work in our favor.

There are three sides to positive addiction.

1. Focus: Finding others who are part of your dream or supportive community will help one gain focus and become awake in a web of rational pulses supporting you on your path with ease, joy, grace, love, and abundance. What one is experiencing is magnetic energy with an increased dream focus. The increased positive focus arrives when we either remember or start walking our authentic original dream. When we begin to see others dreams separate or supportive of our dreams, we begin to walk empowered in our truth and accept that our dream is exciting and worthy, attainable, and rooted in purpose and integrity.

2. Attraction: What was once an overly intense and unhealthy physical or emotional addiction, is now a supportive symbiotic relationship with something that is now arriving in balance. This new balance will feel attractive, controllable, delightful, and joyful. Cravings and impulses will now propel us within and towards our original dream. The attraction energy will continue to keep one in alignment with one’s dream while those old archetypical identities will continue to show up but now in their positive aspects. Your original dream will support the dreams of your camp whilst other’s dreams within that community will automatically create an energetic attraction to support and fulfil your dream.

3. Dreaming: Having awareness of your original dream will cause that old stagnation to turn into intentional desire and passion whilst one’s purpose and/or creative process will evolve and shift over time. Depressive loops will turn into cheerful moments where one moves from an inspired confident to the compassionate lover. These waves of desire and passion will begin to show up in areas such as money, support, love, and nurture.

None of this work creates an overnight success. It takes time. Sometimes years to move the balance from negative to positive addiction. But it gets easier with time and developed awareness. Once one has found their dream, old energy patterns attempt to pull one back to dark addiction loops because of its similarity. The thing is to keep trying. Keep moving. Keep an eye on your process. Be ok with being uncomfortable. Be kind to yourself. Ever notice how people who are in a rut despise the rut, but repeat the same pattern consciously? Pull a person out of a rut and if they have no clarity on their dream they will drop right back in. The negative can be comforting.

You might want to feel into the onion layer analogy. Sometimes the onion seems like an old analogy, but it is very much perfect and misunderstood by those who haven't truthfully been to the middle. Shedding the layers is analogous to letting go of the accepted conditioning (accepted dreams of others). Once all the old has been shed, we arrive at the center. The nothing. The curious thing about the nothing is that it has so much more power than one initially understands. It may feel depressing and melancholic. There might be an abundance of heavy emotions playing out and trying to hold you into old patterns. But as one taps into the truth that nothing is pure potential to dream anything into our reality, we begin to embrace that we are the whole, the everything. The old negative addictions will be screaming for survival but if we can move beyond them, the awareness will arrive showing us that we have the power to redream the old, dream something entirely new, or dream a mixed version of the two. The difficult part here is that now we must reconcile with the fact that although we are the center of the onion i.e., everything, we always have been. We are dreaming from the space of nothing! Simultaneously we were always the everything which brought us here.

There is a karmic phase here where one might want to float in the nothing for a while allowing all those old energies to complete and fizzle out before starting anything new. Allow the pull of all that negative addiction and conditioning to fade away.

The unraveling of the onion is catalyzed by our unwillingness to surrender to the dreams of others, thereby honoring our own original dream - our soul purpose.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably found yourself in the abyss of addiction at some point in your life. Maybe it was after a night of drinking or using drugs. Maybe it was after a traumatic event. Either way, you and I know how it feels to be stuck in that dark place where you feel lost and hopeless. Where the only people who support you are the ones enabling you. And what feels like dreaming is a needy craving (negative desire) to attain your next smoke, or hit, or jump….


Once our relationships are realigned and in sync with our dreams, we can let go of the objects or subjects that seemingly hold us hostage. The pull to eat 20 times a day drops away for wonder and creative flow. The need for mind-altering drugs swaps out for passionate goal-setting and seeking. The compulsive scrolling on social media is replaced with something nurturing such as gardening. These are just a small number of the multitude of happenings that can arrive for anyone as they embrace unlimited opportunities.

When someone is addicted to a substance or activity, it can be difficult to imagine life without it. This is because addiction causes a false sense of security, community, and love in the absence of an original dream. This can make it hard to give up the negative addiction, even when it is causing problems in your life. Negative addiction can ruin lives.

When we are entirely consumed in negative addiction our whole identity revolves around our relationship with an object outside our dream (plant or person) and we lose sight of who we are outside of negative addiction.

If you're struggling with negative addiction, it's important to understand that you can get help. But much of the help one finds only creates a structure to show you a path from co-dependency to solo-dependency. Solo-dependency is doing it all on your own without any purpose but survival. Not a great place to be without direction.

And many of the offerings are moving an addict from one form of co-dependency to another (trading one addiction for another). There are many great resources available to assist you in recovery and many things you can do on your own to help awaken your dream and get back on track. But be conscious of whether the track you are jumping on isn’t simply the track of another. Dropping into another’s dream will only reignite the cycle. So, after doing all the work around co-dependency, and arriving in solo-dependency one must work with tools to reignite the original dream of you.

When our dreams are out of balance and when the addiction to something feels safe, check in to see if your moment and movements are being clouded by fear or cowardice. When one’s original dream calls to us, the unhealthy addict will continue enduring negative addictive energy loops despite harsh consequences while the positive addict will tune in to the power of courage and joy.

It’s easy to think that there’s no way out when you’re in the throes of negative addiction, but I’m here to tell you that there is a way out. You can reset your life and start fresh, but it takes work. It takes commitment. And it takes a willingness to change the way you see and experience the dreams of others.

If you want to reset your life and get out of the cycles of negative addiction, here are a few things you can do:

1. Understand addiction and redreaming.

The more you understand about addiction and recovery, the better equipped you'll be to make positive changes in your life. Keep a journal noticing what is arriving for you. Talk to others in dream recovery and go to counseling or therapy sessions that support this active work. The more knowledge you have, the easier it will be to stay on track.

2. Set realistic goals for yourself.

One important thing to do when redreaming is to set achievable goals for yourself. If your goals are too lofty or unrealistic, you're likely to become discouraged or disrupted and give up on them altogether. Start small and work your way up and celebrate each accomplishment!

3. Create a support system.

To succeed in undreaming and redreaming it's important to have a strong support system in place. This could include family and friends, a therapist, a coach, or a counselor. Having people you feel aligned with and can rely on to support ‘your dream’ will make all the difference when things get tough. Notice how others support or deny your dream.

4. Be patient with yourself.

Negative addictions can be tough to overcome, but with a little bit of effort and patience, anyone can dream anew or return to their dream. Remember, recovery is an individual journey and the most important thing is to stay motivated and strive for progress every day. Taking it one step at a time will allow you to enjoy life again and move closer towards fulfilling your dream.

Remember, addiction can arrive in many different forms, but ultimately it is your choice whether you allow addiction to control you. You have the power to direct the focus of positive addictive energy towards living your original dream. And as addiction hijacks the brain and changes the way we think and behave, it is good to remember that holding onto the awareness that addiction in its positive sense is the most powerful attraction tool for dreaming. Be addicted to your dream!

FYI: The view presented in this blog is unconventional in the sense that it does not align with the traditional medical and psychological understanding of addiction as a disease or disorder. Instead, I suggest that addiction is a spectrum energy related to a person's relationship with their original dream or purpose and can be either negative or positive depending on their alignment with that dream. Like most of my blogs, this perspective is not widely accepted in mainstream medicine or psychology.


Unleash the Power of Positive Addiction with Healing Dream Trauma!

Are you tired of feeling trapped in negative addiction patterns? It's time to shift your focus and align with your original dream. Healing Dream Trauma offers a unique approach to addiction by viewing it as a spectrum of energy. Say goodbye to negative addiction and hello to a life filled with purpose, joy, and abundance.

Our professional training in alternative healing arts gives us a unique perspective on the relationship between dreams, focus, and attraction. We'll show you how to turn negative addiction into positive addiction by balancing your relationships, finding supportive communities, and tapping into your original dream.

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