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LOVING without Conditions - Finding the Perfection in this Moment

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

This blog is arriving in a different format - point-story mixed style. Is that a style? Hope it arrives for you in a gentle manner.

Trigger. Love the Source.

Trigger. Love the Source.

Trigger. Love the Source.

And ask Yourself: "How can I unconditionally love what is arriving in my moment?"

You don't need to have any answers in this moment. Answers will arrive in perfect time.

This is all one needs. It is so simple.

Extend an intent to receive an answer and ask openly, "How can I love this?".

This is all one needs. It is so simple.

How can I accept my own radiance? Allow my radiance to flow with love?

Love the source! Resistance to something is Resistance to Love (God) itself.

Resistance to what is arriving is resistance to the flow of life.

This is all one needs. It is so simple.

Resistance arrives from pain (wounding) and when expressed mirrors the pain!

"You are useless!" said the shaman.

An old story moved from hiding and into the light of awareness via a simple and seemingly harsh sentence, "You are useless."

A deep breath to avoid reaction, and I asked my body in a triggered mind, "How can I love this?".

I spent the remaining day rewriting a story that had kept me in conditioned wounding. A program(story) that I was holding onto fiercely - albeit unconsciously.

This is all one needs. It is so simple.

If we can allow things to arrive perfectly as they are without resistance we experience unconditional LOVE!!

The wound is what rejects that which is arriving perfectly.

Are you in resistance to allowing what is arriving to arrive in simplicity? In Love?

All is arriving perfectly. Pain is arriving perfectly.

The resistance to what is arriving is the cause of pain.

Loved one ask yourself, "Is the pain of resistance the closest feeling to the feeling of being loved?" The pain of resistance is the closest feeling to being loved without the risk of allowing self to receive love unconditionally"

This is all one needs. It is so simple.

Lover ask yourself, "Is my resistance to loving another the resistance to allowing simplicity?" Love is easy. Are you complicating connection through resisting the flow of love in each moment? Here the resistance to the simplicity of loving with ease is the closest thing to unconditional loving without risking rejection. Can rejection be received in love? 'How can I love this?'

This is all one needs. It is so simple.

A good dreaming friend of mine woke one day and felt into what was arriving. He could feel an underlying critical voice. And asked "how can I handle my own critical voice?" He realized that this voice is underlying and with him quite a lot. Not as much as when he was younger but nevertheless it persists.

An answer arrived in a memory of a recent experience he had with other dreamers dancing on a mountain where during chaotic unrhythmic music he asked, "How can I find the perfection in this?"

Stay with the perfection in this moment. Anything else is critical rejection.

I am here to Love.

I am not here to battle for Love.

I am here to be Loved.

I am not here to Need Love.

All moments of pain are rooted in the resistance to LOVING this moment UNCONDITIONALLY!

Rewrite your story with Love.

The image is about our intent, and to love all that arrives into this moment unconditionally.


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To say it is easy is easier said than done 💔😁

Roger J.C. Metz
Roger J.C. Metz
22 de mai. de 2022
Respondendo a

if most are like me we get stuck in the pain and become distracted. That pain becomes the focus instead of the easy question, “How can I love this?”


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