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A Pathway - Opening to Love

This image #47 brings the awareness that although Love is the most sought after emotion, it is always with us right here where we are. It doesn't Judge or Condemn.

Love is Unconditional.

Some spend so much time searching for love that love seems elusive. I've been there! It is like looking for a pair of sunglasses that are already on your face. I've been here too. There is an assumption that love comes from somewhere outside. But the availability of love is much simpler than the struggle we perceive it to be.

Four simple love keys!

1. The first key to love is accepting that there is no outside. Nor is there an inside. Love is always here. in this moment.

Feeling loved is sublime, while wanting to be loved is anything but.

2. The second key to love is in letting go of resistance to love as the resistance shows up in myriad mental stories and in the forms we attract that reinforce our wounded parts. As we open to love, love heals wounds and patterns.

3. The third key is letting go of control. Doing this opens the gates of love so that what has always been can be felt and witnessed as we become free to be aware in the moment.

Control feels safe, but this sense of safe is full of fear and judgment.

4. The fourth key is to recognize the myriad archetypes vying for survival - including the coward - and accept that they too can be loved.

When the victim archetype rises to be the hero archetype of its wounds, it inadvertently creates additional victim archetypes.

Someone once said to me, "How can you love hate?. "Would you like me to hate hate?" I replied. "Loving that which is cloaked in resistance might be difficult, but I also love that which is hating hate." We have to love it all or we become resistance to love.

Love asks you to love the darkness within yourself and others.

Love doesn't ask you to have compassion or to allow others to abuse you.

Opening to love will restore your faith in life and others as you see and judge them.

When someone or something is difficult to be around, ask yourself: "How can I love this?" Open and allow the how to arrive on its own.

Nowhere to search.

Nothing to seek.

Just open and allow.



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