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Path of Illumination

Walking a labyrinth in contemplation can be a delightful journey and wonderful aid in awakening one’s original dream. Externally it can offer a safe container to allow one’s awareness to connect with local plants, animals, spirits, allies, dimensions, and foes. internally it can illuminate one’s choice of struggle or freedom. The image ‘Illumination’ is here to help you focus awareness on your powerful gifts of truth, peace, and harmony whilst showing you how these gifts can help subdue the inner conflict and false stories you cradle and reinforce.

Embracing sensitivities is a foundational key to stopping struggle. Walking the labyrinth itself is only a struggle if we allow it to be. Learning to focus, breathe, be curious with our senses, wander and wonder freely, be your personal weird, move or stop when either call, listen to your soul as it as it asks to you crawl the spiral instead of walking it, will increase your ability to tune into the unfolding of your original dream. Check in on your senses regularly. See and feel light dancing with the shadows as you move along the path. Connect with a plant or stone as it consciously reaches to you. It waits your attention, to share joy, passion, and love. When you leave the labyrinth remember how life is a labyrinth. Each moment bringing another opportunity for grace, connection, flow. Also, every action you make outside the circle can be just as potent.

Waking up every day and moving in ease, grace, love, joy, and abundance is easy, but can be a struggle when the dreams being reinforced are the dreams of others. Being in flow will be exhausting if one is constantly trying to control the outcome based on another’s dream. So, check in regularly and ask yourself, “Am I enduring the struggle of another’s dream? Have I missed a joyful invite? Something that lit me up and illuminated the realization of my dream?

Walk the labyrinth and allow the light to illuminate joy. The mind doesn’t have to be a trove of belief systems that reinforce others dreams. As you open to joy, old pathways will be replaced with ones that bring ease, grace, joy, love and abundance.

- How this lesson played out -

My mom had a mild heart attack and was flown from a community 40 minutes from where she lives which is way out in the boonies. Her home is in a community of maybe 150 people. She was ok. After feeling what she knew was heart attack symptoms, she drove to the closest hospital in her small Ford car. Emergency confirmed her suspicions and flew her to the closest hospital 4 hours away. Where she was successfully treated.

Me, I live nearly five hours away, in the other direction.

While being treated and knowing she would loose her ability to drive for some time, she asked me to pick up her car from the hospital and drop it at her home. Then while there look after the usual house chores.

My mind started to go to - 'but I am so far away', etc.

I instantly let go of those stories and felt into going. The feeling was joy! If you know anything about the relationship I have with my mom, you'll also be as surprised as I was to feel the feeling of Joy!

She arranged for her girlfriends partner to help move it.

While en route I stopped for fuel.

A woman from India was at the pumps and asked me for help, so I helped her fuel up her car. Apparently she had never done it before.

A while later now about 30 minutes from the car’s location I reached out to the friend to see if they would make a plan.

She tells me her partner injured his knee so he had to bail and she would be no help because she can't legally drive.

Right there for a brief moment my mind wanted to go somewhere negative. Another's dream of how this would play out.

So I wondered - am I out of flow?

Something felt odd. So I tuned in to my senses and everything felt like it was flowing properly. In fact perfectly.

So I thought maybe someone else will drive it. Who knows. Maybe a stranger. The universe will provide!!!

So I trusted and accepted that it would work out perfectly.

I arrived at the hospital about 5 hours after I left home.

While on my way in to ask for the keys I felt weird. In fact Very weird. Nervous. Like I might have a hassle or something. Exactly what I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t tell what I was feeling. But the front desk woman was super friendly and accommodating. She knew nothing of the keys but would go to emergency and inquire.

Whilst she was doing that I went to the washroom - of course wondering the whole time how I would get the car to her house - 40Kms away. Wondering what would arrive to help me move the car. Tow truck? AMA? Would I hitchhike from her home and drive it myself?

After the bathroom I went to see the woman again. She handed me an envelope with the keys and asked to make sure it was the right one. I looked and said, oh yes the name on the envelope is for the person who was supposed to help move the car. We had a brief conversation about how long the car could stay. She was adamant it couldn't stay more than two days. So I told her I'd find a way to move it.

I turned and walked away.

A tall man was walking past in big winter boots and work clothes. He overheard the conversation and turned to me as I was exiting the building to ask if he could help.

I joyously, excitedly and amazedly said YES! Wow it was so easy!

An hour later him, his beautiful wife and I were all on the road.

I led the way down the very foggy highway in my van, he followed in my mom’s car, and his partner followed in her car so I could relax.

Powerful flow of ease, grace, joy, love, and abundance!!!

This is how a warrior moves.



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