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Responsible Numerology 1111

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Here is a bit of a guide that will be added to and developed over the next while. It is here to help those confused about all the numbers they see. All the hype and misinformation around what the numbers mean. It simply without to much information looks deeper into where the numbers are asking us to contemplate and notice. When on a path of healing we will be attracted to numbers on clocks, receipts, and many other areas. This noticing isn't the numbers reaching us, but our original self asking us in subtle ways to take notice. We are drawn to look. The 11:11 is a very common one in days where so many are drawn outside of self. People seeking something unknown that is typically unhealthy and addictive commonly see this number. We find this number shows up when insecurities pull us from our soul path.

Do the work. Ask the questions. Feel and be responsible to only one human - you.

1 (11:11) tune into self. Notice how you are identifying / reaching outside of your core essence, avoiding and/or supporting or creating a pattern of wanting something that is not genuine. 1111 is asking you to adjust your attention and tune inwards. Tune into the love of self that has been forgotten. Love originates with the original self and has no ulterior motives or hidden agenda's. Find a selfless approach to love that begins with loving you unconditionally. Loving your essence, form and spirit unconditionally. Check in to see if you've set conditions whereby you are seeking love. Love is already here buried under stories that support a false narrative.

(Vasundhara - Earth Star Chakra 2 – 3 feet below the feet – Brown/Maroon)

2 tune into home and safety. Are you finding safety in illusions? Is your home unstable? Are you feeling out of place in your home? Do you need to place some attention into your home space?

(Muladhara – Root Chakra Base of the Spine – Ruby Red)

3 tune into your creativity and sexuality. Are you needing to work through Shame? Shame is a limiting feeling. Are you accepting self-diminishing stories around your creative potential? Is your sexual desire being spoken? Do you have old stories that limit your sexual fulfillment? 3 is asking you to allow the freedom of spontaneous creative expression to show up in your life. It wants to gift you something lost or something new. It wants to move you from a mundane existence into an extraordinary life.

(Svadhisthana- Sacral Chakra Front of Pelvis – Orange)

4 tune into the power of life. What external powers are you allowing to dictate and limit your truth and desires? What is limiting your zest for life? Magic is all around us. We can either tap into the wonderful, powerful aspect of magic, or we can deny the divine source by attaching fear and manipulation. 4 might be asking you to connect to, friend and release your inner coward through acknowledgement. We all have one.

(Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra Stomach – Yellow)

5 tune into heart. Big changes are accessed through the heart as the heart connects with all chakras. This is an activation and transformation center. How is your ego or core illusion/wound preventing you from being in alignment with your divinity? How are you resisting love with self/others/life/Radiance? This space will challenge your certainties and bring about much needed change. Alternatively, this is a message about being in purpose where you are. Dance in the freedom brought by your awoken love.

(Anahata – Heart Chakra - Heart – Green/Pink)

6 tune into what you are or are not speaking. How are you revealing your fears, wounds and desires through how you speak or don’t speak? How do you create resistance to the gifts coming your way? Are you listening to others stories or are you creating stories that are false and hold your freedom hostage?

(Vishuddha – Throat Chakra - Throat – Blue)

7 tune into imagination and the mind control.

How are you stuck in the mind? Are you creating a delusional safe mind trap? Knowledge is useful but can create limitations if not combined with intelligence.

(Ajna – Third Eye Chakra - In between eyebrows, inside head – Indigo)

8 tune into spiritual essence. How are you giving away your relationship with your connection to source, your divine origin? What is source trying to tell you? Hold your space, develop and accept your powerful presence. Meditate.

(Sahasrara – Crown Chakra - Crown of the Head – Violet)

9 tune into nothing, the void, the end of a chapter, the formless. Contemplate your essence on a scale that permeates existence - feeling big and one with all while feeling independent - the 'I' that is all. Tuning into your eternal moment. There is a pulling here. A harmony that pulls one towards the Soul Star.

(Vyapini – Soul Star Chakra Etheric Body – Silver

10 You are on the right path - Thank you for responding to the calling. You are allowing creative energy to flow in from source. You may be feeling at one with all while enjoying the feeling of a vast black nothingness that is the source of all conscious creation.

(Vyomanga – Stellar Gateway Astral Body – Silver

When you see multiple digits you'll be able to put them together to reach a new message. Read more than one line like this:

1111 - then look up 1 and 4 (1+1+1+1). You might find yourself asking are external forces are limiting your ability to Love by showing up as fear?

22 - then look up 2 and 4.

777 - then look up 7 and 3 (7+7+7=21) (2+1=3) You might find yourself asking how is mind limiting your ability to flow in creative energy or impairing your ability to be spontaneous?



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