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Searching through the Storms!

Google has an amazing platform that allows us to search the web for answers to simple questions - but ask

Google "do you know why I feel like this?" or "can you tell me what I am missing from my heart?", Google will offer story after story, but no story's answer will be as complete as when you ask a tangible questions such as "how to change a tire on my 2010 Honda.

Like Google, books and other forms of medium with printed words can inspire, inform, impact and emote. But they can't feel. They can't resonate. They can't empathize. When I work with clients I go deep. Deep into feeling, energy, compassion, and energy. I help my clients find the answer that has been there all along.

Searching... I witnessed inside myself and others this looking, this longing for something we couldn't quite identify. It is like something huge was missing. Something enormous pulls on our heart, our mind, and our soul. And we begin to search out of need to fill that empty or painful space. We look, explore and travel trying to fill this space, this void. A beautiful friend pointed out how this looking is informative searching, while the learning we find through coaching is transformational learning. Logical information on it's own will not heal your longing.

Reading about what it is like to experience a stormy afternoon on a prairie farm will never allow us to experience the authentic nature of the storm, the goosebumps of the energy, the excitement created by thunder or lightening, and most of all, information can not move us into experiencing the storms essence.

What we are looking for is inside us the entire time and like a storms essence it will be there as long as the storm (you) exist.

I am here to help you find your natural expression.



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