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The Gifted Sword of Awareness

Intuition is beautiful at times confusing sense that is always with us but largely ignored and suppressed. And although some have rejected it, intuition is always offering us a new path through the energy of what is arriving. When the energy is arriving, and is new or unknown, we might become fearful, nervous, or anxious. We might feel as if intuition is leading us down a dark or painful path based on old stories. We might fear walking a new wild path (Resistance), because an old process has led us to some trauma. However, if we look at those past events, we will see how the event was an opportunity to help transform a limiting existence.

To move into this intuitive state, we need to accept four things; the first is to access our ability to enter a state of no-mind. The second is to relax into trust and allow self to surrender into total awareness. The third state is to understand and accept your personal interpretation system. The final and perhaps most important is validation.

No-mind brings us into a calm state of awareness that can be described as harmony. It allows our awareness to float beyond the body into subtle energetic bodies. How we express or feel no-mind is dependent on our current ability to let go of what was, what should be and just be. This process can be quite different for everyone but the simplest path here is mindful work such as breathwork and meditation. If you struggle with either, find that thing that keeps you in a flow state, or the thing that creates the most resistance such as an ice bath. Generally the thing that creates the most resistance is the best path as it conquers the wild chattering mind with skill.

Surrender can be the most difficult part of this journey, especially if you have had trauma issues. How we process the emotions of trauma tends to create personal restrictions, insecurities, boundaries, patterns, and many other 'safe space' illusions that arrive as resistance. The key here is to surrender with trust into the unknown and let the universe and our intent bring forth an offering of liberation.

Dive into the wildness of self as it arrives in various forms and unforms.

Interpreting energy patterns is a key point to understanding the information at a concrete level of awareness. Generally people will have an interpreter illuminating the information in such a way as to allow your understanding. Your personal interpreter can be many things such as an Angel, a higher self, an internal voice, an Alien download, a faerie, or as a highly tuned sense of feelings. You will have your own way of interpreting the energy patterns. All paths are correct. New manifestations might feel strange or similar to an old pattern or energy that didn’t turn out well, but in the end, it is usually something we have asked for anyhow. So, why not let go and accept our creative process of expansion? Let the energy be free to flow and feel that freedom. Why not respond to what is arriving with love?

Relax your boundaries. If you walk past fear (resistance) into surrender (love) and let this energy express itself as it desires, you will begin to master your intuitive process with blissful exuberance.

The next key is internal Validation. We need to validate intuition as something useful, something more than an exciting dramatic toy that we bump into on occasion. We need to trust that the information coming through is beneficial to our daily and long-term existence. We need to understand, we are not visiting Earth with the sole purpose of moving through life with enough bounded safety to make it blindly out the other end into death (transition). We are here to experience life through expression and creation.

Through active surrender, awareness and contemplative practice, we begin to build a confident relationship with our intuition, divine self and the universe as it moves to assist in equal effort.

If you engage all four, you will have expanding experiences which require deep surrender, bravery, and the courage to face your shadows and fear around personal power. You will face the unbearable. If you are tired of accepting the direction provided by your old stories you'll push through. The stories that support fear and struggle. Ask the universe to show your truth and it will ask you to push your edges and let go.

This is where we begin to experience a life free of strife and restriction. We can move away from the uneasy mind - the anxiety of being busy and the nature of being bound to fear – into a state of glorious grace and unbound liberation.

This transformative space can look wild and crazy when others watch from outside our experience bubble because you are no longer living another's dream of you. When others who haven’t dropped into this freedom witness this wildness one of two things happen – judgment(condemnation) or awe(acceptance).

As much as this transformative space is freeing, there is a sword (sword of awareness) waiting just beyond this door. And this is where effort starts!

The sword of awareness swiftly opens our awareness to our shadows, hidden traumas, emotional boundaries through events that might be labeled as drama. And it can leave you as you sitting with yourself in the darkness of your shattered identity. When this happens, it is good to realize this event is something very special. It is an awakening of sorts. This is where our original dreaming arrives, but also where the ego starts to fight for survival. One needs a little extra bit of faith and support to move forward into the unknown from here. We need to embrace the opportunity as it moves with us and asks us to move through and surrender into all those tightly hidden emotions that have kept us from living a fully vulnerable unbound life.



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