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The 'How are You' - BS...

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Sometimes I get annoyed with people who unconsciously greet another by asking the question, "how are you?" with an expectation of hearing a BS run-of-the-mill response of 'good' or 'not bad'. I expect most people rarely fit any of the expected answers as myself. At the core we are alive colorful conscious communicative beings who enjoy being real, honest, and reflective.

Even worse is when someone asks the "how are you?" and begins into another statement before one is given the opportunity to tune in and reply authentically. If you are present, genuinely curious, have the time to listen, and can feel the person you are communicating to is open to this depth of conversation - ask away. Otherwise please give a 'Greetings!', ‘Good Morning’, ‘Good Day’, ‘Good Afternoon’ or some other standard greeting that does not automatically or inherently create deception or dishonesty.

The answer of 'Good' if you are 'not good' will never support the 'fake it till you make it' notion because burying the truth of how you are reinforces emotional avoidance. And we all know how that works out. 😊



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