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What if...

You woke one day and had a transformative experience that all is one unified existence playing out perfectly.

An experience that joined you to all that is, was and is to be.

An understanding that all the dark and light is you? That the dying tree in your yard and the mean neighbor are both you.

How do you move ahead? How do you respond to all that is arriving?

Do you continue to reject all that doesn't fit your previous story of separation?

Do you continue to reject or judge all that appears dark or heavy?

Do you continue to reject all that you deem as wrong?

Do you sit in resistance to all that doesn't feel pretty or kind or inclusive?

Or do you begin to find love in cleaning other’s messes?

Or do you now find joy in embracing the curious?

Or do you breathe and move forward taking responsibility for the actions of others?

Do you start living a blissful awareness doing your best to embrace each moment with gratitude?

Would you find ease in holding the hand of a fanatic perfectionist.

Would you find grace in holding another’s crying infant.

Would you find yourself perfectly breathing in this moment?



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