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Online Hypnotherapy - progressive

By Roger Metz Online

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 350 Canadian dollars
  • Online Zoom


Imagine traveling to the future and seeing all the amazing possibilities and potentials that await you. A Progressive hypnosis session is like a time machine for self-discovery, you will be able to explore different timelines and see how your choices today can shape your future. You will be guided to visit your future selves, explore your potentials on different areas of your life, and even connect with your superconscious, the deeper part of yourself, where you can access healing and guidance. It's like a journey of exploring what you're capable of, and it can be exciting to see the many paths that your future holds. It's a powerful, insightful, and fun experience, you will be able to see yourself in a different light and be empowered to shape your own destiny. We will explore the future and connect with your superconscious to receive life-altering information, healing, and purpose.   This form of hypnotherapy provides a great opportunity to shift your karmic and return to your original dream! Available in-person also.

Cancellation Policy

If this is a 'course' there are no cancellation options. All other programs/sessions please provide 48 hours notice.

Contact Details

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