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What do I Do? 

Many people ask what I do. For the most part I can't answer because what I do is more than what can be expressed with words. If I have to answer this questions using a general statement, this is it: I help people arrive in Ease, Grace, Joy, Love and Abundance. Through one or more offerings I work to unwind that which is keeping you attached and existing in the wounded aspect of you. I help you find your Original Dream. I help you dream again. Dream of things other than survival.  (CONNECT! for a session.) 

Shamanic Transpersonal Healing


This healing journey arrives in mystical ways showing you an unconventional path to your essence, love, magic, success and soul. It will strengthen your connection to life through several or many shamanistic methods including ceremony, energy healing, trance states, bodywork, breathwork and plant medicines. (CONNECT! for a session.) 


Psychic Art


Are you feeling up is down and down is up? Where in is out and out is in? There does not seem to be any flow pulling you in a direction? Or you are lost in all directions? Are you feeling Lost around Life/Love/Work/Purpose? Find direction here with a reading and as an option receive an original Art work designed from my inner vision of You. This might be an abstract design, something vivid, dark, light, simple or complex. The art will speak to you in ways that words fail. Meditate and contemplate with the work and experience an ineffable transformation. The art work will elicit vibrations, feelings and emotions - sometimes ones that are hidden in old patterns! A few of the oracle cards shown here were created using this process.  (CONNECT! for a session.) 



Are you ready to explore the interesting stories hidden within your subconscious? When you are ready, you have the option to move backwards or forwards in time to treasures waiting to be discovered. Find out and reprogram: How are hidden stories manipulating your day? How are old experiences shaping your fears, addictions and projections? Sessions available in person and over zoom. Recording supplied.

 (CONNECT! for a session. 

Unconventional Shamanic Healing


Shamanic inspired personal ceremonies where we dive into and celebrate the original you - the part of you that existed prior to any conditioning. You will explore what is at your core and recognize the parts that are limiting your moments and experiences. If this lights you up in any way you are ready! Lets connect. Option to journey with plant medicine available. (CONNECT! for a session.) 

Tantra Game! 


Tantra Life is a brilliant game that explores our edges, fears, and wounds, while celebrating love, joy, radiance, compassion, and many more beautiful emotions. It can be played with consenting adults who are willing to be seen and show up courageously. The game is inspired from Neo tantra. If you are looking for a game of connecting authentically with others while having lots of laughs this is it! SHOP! Check out all the offerings

Dream Analysis! 


Together we dive into the metaphysical, esoteric and spiritual symbols of your dream. We analyze the images to find the messages within your dream. By doing this we are helping clear up the communications of unconscious elements as they arrive to help you in this conscious space. These dream elements gift us insight into limitations or opportunities which you may not be fully aware of while in this conscious space. (CONNECT! for a session. 

Shaman Inspired


An amazing line of products to help you sit deep into your essential nature. Wearing or having any of these products in your space will inspire healing on many levels. 

See over 600 products! Go over to the shop for more info!  SHOP! Check out all the offerings

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Making the Unconventional Conventional

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