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The Dreaming of You!

Embark on a profound journey of self-discovery with the "The Dreaming of You! Shaman Oracle Deck" by Roger Metz, an emerging shamanic author and artist. Through a mesmerizing blend of divinely sourced images and transformative words, this deck unveils 56 profound shamanic keys—guides to remembering the original dream of you.

Roger Metz dances, plays, and collaborates with spirits and elements to bring forth this unconventional medicine, weaving together the wisdom of shamanic dream archetypes. Whether you find yourself lost in misty dreams of another reality or are a conscious seeker navigating the myriad realms of dreams, this deck serves as a beacon, reminding you that it is never too late to awaken to the original dream of you.

Let the cards reveal how your day and night dreamscapes are reaching out to provide the guidance you need while navigating your inner and external worlds. Embrace this oracle cards deck as a tool for illuminating your path and awakening to the luminous awareness of all that impedes the realization of your most powerful dream—the original dream of you.

Open your eyes to this dream, this memory of the future, and allow it to merge with your unconscious innate wisdom, guiding you into the present moment with clarity and purpose. Unlock the secrets of your soul and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery with "The Dreaming of You! Shaman Oracle Deck" today.

The dream you dreamed before arriving here is waiting for you to awaken to it. 

Designed in Canada by Roger Metz. Printed in China
This Printing 2023 ©Roger Metz
ISBN: 978-1-7380095-0-3



•Cards: 56 full-color, high-quality cards with a durable matt varnish finish.

•Guidebook: An easy-to-read 120-page book with a full-color matte finish cover and black and white interior.

•Sewn perfect binding allows you to lay it flat without losing any pages or harming the spine.

•Full-color tuckbox with a soft matt finish.

Key Uses:

• Navigate the realms of light, shadow, and dark while unlocking profound insights along the way.

• Use these cards when you feel burdened, suffering, traumatized, or in a conflict of desire, heart, and mind.

• Use for daily guidance, meditation, reflection, or ritual practices.

• A great deck to help you or your clients on a path of healing, shadow-work, and spiritual-based self-help.

• Take the ultimate step toward your soul's awakening into 5D.

• Reveal the original dream of you (your purpose) with this amazing shaman oracle card set and guidebook.

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