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Who is this HuMan

Roger' is a creative visionary and spiritual artist, whose primary offering is a transpersonal coaching package designed to guide individuals into rediscovering their original dreams. Whether these dreams pertain to relationships, work, or business, Roger creates an empowerment program that incorporates psychic art. This program helps individuals reignite, redirect, or identify their genuine dreams—free from external influences or conditioned beliefs.


Authentic Dream Exploration: Through Roger's coaching package, individuals embark on a journey to uncover their true, authentic dreams, which might have been obscured by external factors, societal expectations, or past experiences.


Direction and Adjustment: Roger's guidance is invaluable for individuals who find themselves at pivotal moments in life. He assists them in identifying the right path forward or making necessary adjustments to align with their genuine dreams.


Empowerment: Roger's program empowers individuals by providing them with the necessary tools, insights, and mindset to pursue their dreams with confidence, purpose, and self-assuredness.


Psychic Art Integration: Roger's coaching uniquely incorporates psychic art, adding a creative and intuitive dimension to the process. This artistic aspect fosters self-expression and strengthens the connection with one's inner self.


Versatility: Roger's coaching is adaptable to various aspects of life, including personal relationships, work, and business. This versatility allows individuals to align their authentic dreams in different domains.


Freedom from Conditioning: Roger's coaching aids individuals in breaking free from societal norms, expectations, and conditioning that may have stifled their potential and desires.


In essence, Roger's core offering provides a comprehensive and transformative approach to help individuals rediscover and reconnect with their authentic dreams. It promotes personal growth, self-realization, and a more fulfilling life in harmony with their genuine aspirations and desires.


Transpersonal Coach

Expansion Cast Values

Expansion Cast's Core Values
  1. Sovereignty: At the heart of our brand, sovereignty represents our commitment to embracing the freedom to flow with the vitality of each moment. We honor our unique essence and celebrate the diverse differences that enrich our world.

  2. Transformation: Our brand values transformation as a guiding force. We remain open to novel ways of experiencing every facet of existence, exploring what ignites our passion and love for life.

  3. Adventure: Adventure fuels our creative spirit. We thrive on exploration, continually pushing boundaries and embracing new frontiers as we pursue ambitious dreams.

  4. Fun: Fun is the essence that brightens our journey. It infuses joy, love, and radiance into every aspect of life, even those shadowy corners of the self.

  5. Unity: Unity serves as the binding force that excites us. It connects us to the divine magic within each individual, while fostering deep love and inherent compassion for all of humanity.

  6. Radiance: Radiance is the wellspring of magic that envelops every moment, person, interaction, and element with its luminous, life-affirming glow.

  7. Integrity: Integrity is our unwavering commitment to transparency and self-worth. It underscores the significance of our values, ensuring that we remain true to ourselves and honor the importance of every individual's worth.

These values are the guiding principles that define our brand's identity and purpose, driving us to create transformative experiences and empower individuals on their unique journeys of self-discovery and growth.

It is a mixed mash

Roger is a person who is constantly seeking to live in harmony, unity, and community, and to align with his Original Dream (passion and purpose). To help others do the same, he draws on a range of teachings, including Buddhism, Kashmiri Shaivism, and Shamanism. He is naturally curious and always looking for new ways to investigate and understand both the conscious and unconscious aspects of life. This curiosity and desire to explore the unconventional allows him to help companies and individuals reach their goals, even when those goals are hard to express. He is skilled at seeing through limitations and struggles and bringing a sense of harmony and passion to relationships, teams, and communities.

Roger is continuously pushing the boundaries of what is considered safe and conventional, and is constantly seeking out innovative and extraordinary ways of flourishing and experiencing life. Just as society begins to assimilate and adopt these unconventional modes of thriving, Roger is already moving on to the next iteration, continually striving to uncover, transcend, and heal persistent patterns and behaviors.


How it started

Roger's art and healing journey has been the subject of many questions over the years. His love of art began in his youth, as he spent time in nature and experimented with photography. When he was 7, he received his first camera and learned from his uncle, a seasoned nature photographer, about the elements of light and shadow, and the value of patience. At the age of 11, Roger won his first two photography awards.


Roger's spiritual and metaphysical interest was always here showing up in mysterious avenues. Never telling anyone, but feeling and seeing ghostly images and things that were not here but visible to him started as far back as he can remember. He recalls seeing an enormous glass staircases reaching up to the sky. Dark beings walking down the street. People out of time appearing randomly. Energies moving to and from forms. Since then in an effort to understand this, he has taken mediumship development, energy healing, and a myriad of other interesting courses to help hone and develop his metaphysical skills.

Throughout his life, Roger has had the opportunity to live in and experience a variety of rural and urban communities, as he moved frequently and had to adapt to new schools and social circles. This constant adjustment allowed him to gain a unique perspective on the differing social conditioning of these places. Over time, he became more aware and resistant to the pressures of various belief systems. He ended up dropping out of school at 16 and worked several jobs until a desire to return to school arrived. He upgraded and entered journalism with a focus on photography. 

While working in journalism Roger found a love-hate relationship with graphic design which took him to several jobs in newspapers where he excelled at award-winning graphic design and human-interest stories. The newspaper industry was fun, but an opportunity to become a leading designer for a national print firm and manager for a leading web development company where he excelled until starting his own design company. 

Sometimes the decisions we make while unaware that our dreams are being influenced by the dreams of others takes us on a path divergent to the one our original dream would have us take. And there he found his self working for a manufacturing company years later. A great company but the work wasn't often creative so he created ways to perform the jobs using intuitive, spiritual and metaphysical talents. 

In 2019, Roger made the decision to leave a secure job and lifestyle in order to pursue his own dreams. As he unwound many old belief systems and let go of the expectations that others had for him, he discovered a range of new pathways for dreaming. One of these paths led him to the desert in Mexico, where he not only rekindled his love or art, but merged art, form, and spirituality. During this time, art began to appear spontaneously in his visions, leading him to start recording them. This is how the "Dreaming Oracle" deck was created. As he worked on the images and with clients, he noticed that unusual images would often appear during client sessions, which ended up helping the person in unexpected ways. These images were seen as the blueprint of each person's essence, and were found to tune people into their personal power. This led to the creation of "Psychic Empowerment Art."


Roger has a home and studio in Lethbridge, Alberta

Trainings: Communication Arts - Business & Industry = Toltec Conscious Dreamer - Life Purpose Coach​ = Transformation Life Coach - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Life Coach = Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy II = Flow State Practitioner - Plant Medicine = Trika Shaivism,- Shakti/Kundalini/Meditation - Tribal Tantra  = Alberta First Responders Program = Lomi Lomi Massage - Thai Massage = 20 Years Sales / Customer Service - Trauma Informed Care

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