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Donald Racing in Pink Mindduggery

I appreciate dreams. All the subtle meanings and karmas played out are beautiful especially once I can tear them apart color by color, form by form, and event by event.

Tearing them apart, I dive in and feel to see if they are reminders of the past energy incomplete or energy of the future arriving in the now.

Are they karma completing cycles?

Are they little frequencies picked up during the day or week playing out in playful subconscious forms. I had a dream about Donald Trump. Yes.

The dream with Donald Trump and I in a crowd somewhere in Barcelona. We were watching the crowds gather around his political opponent and were about to leave to prepare Trump for his race in the GT World Challenge. Trump's only race rival was his only political opponent who was looking very gentlemanly, polished, and substantial in his Brioni Vanquish Ii suit. Although he spoke very little the media and women swooned and adored him.

Trump and I watched for a moment before secretly moving through the crowds to his flat so he could change his clothing into something more appropriate for this occasion.


Whilst Trump was changing I heard a light rattle in behind a wall. Just as I was about to settle my curious nature a satyr cautiously entered through a hidden passageway. He was completely in the main greeting room where I was waiting before he noticed me. He held what looked appeared to be a Glock 40 Gen 4 Pistol. It was a brilliantly polished steel handgun. Without any hesitation or fear, I wrestled the fury Satyr to the ground. As we wrestled the gun fired and shot the satyr in a front arm. It dropped to the green and gold royal carpet nearly instantly. I picked up the gun and pointed it towards the villain’s head. It wasn’t until I had nearly caught my breath that I noticed the gun was loaded with tranquilizers. I also noticed the satyr’s horns and face were all very bony yet gentle-looking. Any further tranquilizers wouldn’t change anything so I lowered the gun.  

Trump walked into the room unphased by the noise as if these attacks were an everyday occurrence, "Let's go, I am ready."


He was wearing some strange pink outfit that was too small for his pudgy body. Aside from being a little shocked at how revealing this outfit was, I retained composure and told him he was expected to wear a fine suit as per traditional game rules. He responded that he hadn’t realized suits were mandatory and went back to change. A few moments later he emerged wearing what looked to be a copy of a pink outfit Queen Elizabeth wore while on a visit to France in 1992. He was quite a display in his bright pink coat with taupe accessories and a matching hat.

I started to object, but Trump was firm that this suit was perfectly appropriate for this sort of race.

I hid the gun behind the door of a short cabinet, left the satyr (still alive) where he was, and followed the sound of Donald’s taupe sparkly high heels towards the race headquarters.


Mindduggery - the act of manipulating someone into awakening to a reality without their consent. It conveys the idea of manipulation or deceit aimed at the mind to bring about a realization or awakening.




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