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Staying in Your Dynamic Moment

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

There is something many of us are addicted to and as a result we find ourselves locked in wounded mind loops. This is the belief that there is a 'now' that we need to be in it as if the now were a separate space. Hang in for a moment!

The now is a concept created to hold the content of past and future in our limited ego minds. It is a trick. In my experience, there only exists the 'concepts' of past, now, and future as I shall explain.

There is no moment of now as many say. There is something existing that this term (NOW) tries to steal from us and that is the eternal moment and the ability to harness and play out our dreams.

It is true there are many authors who use 'now and moment' interchangeably as if identical words or connected by transparent obviousness. The issue becomes something concerting when one’s energy fields and vibrations have been influenced by connotations, and long-standing denotations of ‘now’. This influence impacts us deeply to the point of being held hostage to that concept. And why not?

Persuading us that there is a 'now' conditionally ties us to the concept of past/present/future even as teachers try to promote a nonexistence of future and past. Right! And yet some of you wonder, "Why would I care?" Logically and experientially without the now the future and past should not exist. So, teaching one that this 'now' it is of supreme importance separate of past and future, causes titanic failures in all parts of our being as we are attached to the balancing function of past/present/future as it arrives in storytelling. And that is where it should stay in storytelling.

Apart of the eternal moment there is something many experience as the dynamic moment. The dynamic moment is a combination of the eternal moment and all the energies coming and going. These energies arrive from outside or pass through our eternal moment. These energies can also become trapped in our moment causing all sorts of mental and physical issues. Incomplete emotions wounding (incomplete energy) can lead to addictions.

So many stories. So many distractions. So many convictions. So many conditions. So much disinformation. So much misunderstanding. So much energy!

Standing alone in a room with nothing happening but light and dust playing in my vision. I hear the furnace blowing. I feel a light breeze on my face and hands. I am smelling unlit incense sticks. And in another sense, I am experiencing a myriad of energies playing out their karmic end. These karmic energies give rise to an illusion of past, present and future while distracting one from the eternal moment.

The eternal moment is part of the dynamic moment. The difference is is that the eternal is hollow (creative force/intent) and seemingly empty whilst the dynamic holds the eternal and the energies that are arriving and leaving the moment - energies that are in motion.

The dust is arriving to the light. The light arriving to the dust. Both arriving to me. The sounds of the furnace are arriving to me. The breeze is arriving to me. The smell of incense is arriving to me. It is all arriving to my moment. The light of this screen and the words written on it are arriving to your moment.

As we become aware of this space (dynamic moment) we begin to realize that there is no time in the moment as it is basically a sense of being connected to eternalness while experiencing clear awareness of dynamic energies as they push up to our moment.

What appears as future is energy arriving, and what appears as past is energy leaving. The now only appears when and because we are constantly distracted by energies that have not completed or energies that are arriving. We are never distracted by energies that have completed because we no longer have any attachment to them. And without the attachment the moment would be hollow.

This dynamic moment is something that most of us are always in, but unfortunately distracted from. From is not a moving away, it is a closing off of awareness. The distraction is of the awareness of the dynamic moment.

I've a friend who said that it would be nice to be there in the moment all the time. I agree! But the thing is is that we already exist in that dynamic moment. You do. One never leaves. And that is exciting! As we let go of ‘time’ and ‘now’ one can see that in the awareness of this dynamic moment there are offerings moving past, in, out and around the moment - some light and cheery and others heavy and burdensome. When we clean up our energy we start to see. Not a seeing that comes from our eyes. It comes from another sense. And, that seeing shifts how we experience what is arriving. How we experience what was once perceived as 'future' changes. Future is energy arriving to us as an exciting offering. Sometimes the offering is part of our dream arriving in energy or form while at other times it might be content that is reinforcing trauma loops. We can choose to accept and attach or watch it pass by.

And then we experience the 'past'. Past is transmuted energy, memories, etc... If we are experiencing something that we feel is causing pain from past, it is not in the past, it is in the dynamic moment waiting to be completed - played out.

As people appear to be moving around in their moments most never feel into whether others are arriving to us or whether we are arriving to them. Truth is, they are arriving to us and simultaneously we are arriving to them. We are arriving together. Our dreams are either colliding or entwining. Supporting or denying our passion and purpose.

Within the dynamic moment there is no arriving to another. No going somewhere. If we are distracted by wounding or conditioning, what is arriving only creates the illusion of feeling as if we are the ones going.

This is were we sort out our dream from others dreams as they play out in the moment. As others dreams arrive and move away. As our dreams arrive and move away. When we are unaware of the dynamic moment or even the eternal moment, it can be difficult to comprehend what is arriving in karmic purpose and what is arriving in karmic wounding. If we seem to be reaching and grasping to what is arriving whilst feeling needy you can be sure it isn't your dream arriving in this moment. It is karmic conditioning of the wounded kind. That reaching attracts to us heavy energies which arrive in conventional patterns that reinforce the wounding or reinforce others dreams of us. From here the loops continue to seduce the wounded seeker.

If we can remember that we are arriving to each other as if being moved and inspired by dreams then the ability to identify, support, and be in your dream (passion and purpose) will expand exponentially. Not saying your dream won't support others dreams as the dreams unify and co-create.

When this awareness happens there is no one going to another. There is only arriving to another in Ease, Grace, Love, Joy and abundance.

A good point to remember is that no matter what energetic form we move from, such as the wounded needy child or healthy divine feminine, we are not going to another - we are arriving to others much like a sailboat arriving to a shore. The wind arrives to the boat, the boat arrives to the shore. The shore arrives to the boat.

When living your dream there is no going, just arriving.



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