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Revealing the Truth of Your Divinity

When we divide our attention between our inner world(mind), and our outer world(all we see), and our source world(spirit) we create a division of conscious experience - a division from unity. For brief moments while we transition from one to the other through moments of expansion we experience a crossover - a blending. This blending creates small moments of blissfulness. These moments may appear huge based on our current experience, and will trick the mind into believing that the answer to be continually in this blissfulness is within the opposite space that we normally reside in. So the move happens and struggle continues from another perspective. These infinitesimal bliss experiences of divine oneness are in reality small windows that appear while in crossing. When we are able to place our attention and live in the outer, inner, and source world simultaneously in peaceful freedom, that’s when we experience our truth as powerful divine beings moving within an infinite conscious experience of love and life.



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