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Creating Active Invitations for Transformation

The play of existence, while moving towards freedom - freedom from struggle - freedom from anything that is holding us in a limiting container, can be beautiful and magical in its delivery. As the universe responds to meet our desire for liberation, it provides an offering. This offering might appear to be introduced through an internal or physical desire, but nevertheless, it is an event that will ignite the pathway towards surrendering your binding container and dissolving your limiting identity.

In this offering process - depending on how the gift is delivered and where we are in our ability to receive - we might feel attacked, forgotten, misled, squashed and/or many other judgments sourced out of our old stories of victimization.

However, if we can simply surrender into the offer as if it was a gift - and dive into the uncomfortableness of the offer to release - we will experience the transcendent power of the divinely infinite universe. When we can process the offering in real time through the eyes of presence and awareness, we will experience a profound sense of reverence on the other side of fear.

These gifts cause us to experience a state called transformation.

There is no need to buy a super expensive transformation course, fly around the world meeting guru after guru, or spend celibate time in an ashram in India.

The source of all is here and now offering you healing gifts in every moment.

After starting my path of surrender, God started offering gifts. One such moment was an offer to chair a public event. Chairing this event meant I would have to stand before a group of people directing the evenings events. Now for most people it seems this request would be quite easy to complete. I however, had a paralyzing fear of speaking to any more than 5 people. This wasn’t a hell yes, or what I was considering a beautiful gift. But I said yes. About two weeks before, I was already getting nervous, I was pushing people for information, planning materials just to making sure I had everything in order.

I was annoying people! I showed up early before the event, and because I hadn’t received a couple items, I was quite anxious and demanding. The last thing I desired was to stand on the stage unprepared.

This event was forcing me into my masculine. It was also forcing me into a place of unease. What sort of a gift forces me to be uncomfortable? The sort of brilliant gift that asks me to move into my divine purpose beyond conditioning!

After the evening had completed. I found my way to the coffee room where several people were gathered. People exclaimed at how I was an amazing chair and wondered where this part of me was hiding.

Since this expanding event, I’ve accepted more offers to speak publicly. These offers have had me talk on vulnerable topics. The gifts have been beautiful and rewarding. I’ve moved from over-planning to speaking with only a few key words. The gift of empowerment.

Those events were among the tame offerings I have received. Some of the wilder events saw me walking naked in a festival, speaking about my shame on a public talk show, drinking ayahuasca on a beach with a shaman, and voicing my desires through a wall of fear.

There is no limit to how these gifts are delivered. These beautiful expressions appear in many ways that might seem crazy, manic, wild, etc. But the indisputable truth is, these events are orchestrated in absolute perfection and delivered in an open offering to illuminate our present delusion. To accept, we need to courageously and openly dive into our desires, accept our struggle and surrender into the offering with awareness. Above all, we need to trust the unseen cosmically delivered ineffable process.



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