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Entrenched Identity Motivational

How does our created or assumed identity motivate us towards or away from something? Motivation is an interesting phenomenon where something external or internal can persuade or dissuade ones journey towards a goal, achievement or state of being. Imagine for a moment that you are living in a world of archetypes who are playing role games and being motivated by specific events that would be congruent to your chosen archetype. A world where only those who feed your specific identity are accepted into this group. You might be playing a lover and all is well in this bubble. Maybe your bubble grows to big or something shifts within to throw off the vibe. You reach out and make changes. Remove lovers or set boundaries. You manipulate some or all of the characters in your world and return a feeling of control - to feel safe. Feeling much more peace, tranquility, and harmony you relax again. You are loving all that exists in a controlled way. However, you have shifted and regained control from the rooted Victim archetype. This vibe shift happens to bring awareness to the control. The shift wakes up the Victim and when one is experiencing resistance to being victimized - that energy creates a warrior who wants to regain control. Control regained. And now you realize you are living that game or do you?

This lasts for a few months or days, then suddenly the game changes when an external event throws the controlled world out of kilter again (Drama Loops). Someone changes in your world who now doesn't accept your conditional lover agreements. This person quite easily challenges the lover's ideals by staying true to his/her own essence and path of newly awakened integrity. This again creates an optional path shift; path A is one of victim to warrior to lover loop or B the a path of absolute awareness.

When the lover or any other archetype is sleeping, anyone who challenges his/her ways of existing shakes the roots and pushes open a door towards the light of self-awareness. This moment is a beautiful gift. This gift allows one to witness one's own deeply entrenched patterns (stories) and offers the option to break free from the Collective Dream (basically the matrix). Once one can see the truth to their entrenched archetype identity they can choose to break old binding patterning and drop into the radiant essence behind the façade and work towards eliminating the old worn safe identities. Generally, rewriting the conditioned stories that keep one from flowing in unconditioned radiance of self doesn't completely shift in a magical moment. It takes work and effort to rewrite the programs. So the practice is to repeat with courage and as much love as possible in every moment.



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