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Experience life in conscious spontaneity

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

When we master this - poof we jump into a new plateau.

Awareness of vibration helps us recognize how our unique vibration has the ability to draw into one’s space a dream of limitation or a dream of empowerment.

We are continually creating ways that empower yourself or others through vibration and dreaming.

When a vibration is tied to limitation we harm others and self with our self-abandoning belief systems.

When a vibration is tied to expansion we support others and self in our dreams, passions, and purpose.

There are moments where it all gets muddled.

Sometimes on these high vibration paths we can encounter snags.

The snags show up when we have a huge expansion event that lands us far from a dark long-term struggle event.

Under this new space an illusion sets in. We can feel blissful, comfortable, supported and loving as we expand into this new space. It can last momentarily or indefinitely if we choose - a day, a month or even years. That’s the nature of expansion. The nature of freedom. The nature of free will! The seeker might choose to accept this as ‘the’ space to be – the pinnacle of existing.

As we move in a direction of higher vibration, we experience more and more freedom. Some jumps small, some large. The contrast of where we were and where we are can be negligible or gigantic in one moment of expansion. Sometimes after a long journey filled with struggle we need to rest and absorb the new space. Experience the freedom in this new landing pad. Breathe in the newness of the lightness of less struggle.

When this shift happens, the vibration of additional limiting patterns might not be instantly visible in this new resting space.

The survivor in us has spent so much time working to transform heavy saturating energetic patterns that any lighter limiting patterns will not be making much noise. However, later these can cause as much static as the old desires to be safe. And thus one can find a desire to return to substance. And sometimes the desire arrives to sedate. Addictive products. And that is the snag.

Without the sudden turn to substance, the Static that begins to happen over time will be rooted in ease, grace, joy, love and abundance. Here is where one's dream starts vibrating and inviting one to heal and move with love.

So say this another way, one will feel a desire to enjoy the blissful sedation of the new space so much so that one will grasp and ignore the opportunity to expand, and could in this delusional pull, loose awareness of additional limitations (lower vibrations). At this point, it seems a great place to be. A great place to enjoy existence. But over time, the new space will start to be natural, normal and the hidden tension and struggles will start to become illuminated through triggers, desires or drama. And the old cycles will find their way back in. These patterns might be smaller than the one that was previously transformed, or they may be rooted in just as much trauma or accepted belief systems as the former. This newly illuminated tension will be functioning within a larger container as we experience higher vibrations of love and bliss in this space, but much like the illusion of a bliss inducing drug, we can become stuck, entrenched in this new space of bliss.


When we truly surrender, and dive into awareness with full courage, all our experiences - as brilliantly designed by the universe and in alignment with one's original dream - bring our ‘attention’ to a ‘tension’ which when consciously felt and explored with complete abandon, allows us to move further into our original dream through expansion.



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