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Delayed Reactions!

As I walked into the park I noticed a beautiful clover patch, and decided I would take a barefoot walk through it. The story in my mind was from the last time I walked barefoot in a clover patch. My story changed quickly as a bee stung my toe! I quickly flicked the stinger out. The pain lasted about 10 minutes. As I had only been stung by wasps, I was quite intrigued at how the pain wasn't too bad compared to wasps and hornets.

Three days later I woke with my toe swollen and half my foot super itchy. It looked like I broke my toe! I couldn’t figure out what was happening. What was going on? Bacteria? Fungus? Apparently, it was a delayed reaction! 😂 I’ve found out a bee sting is like a repressed emotion or unmet desire. Takes a while to show up, but when it does it can make life itchy and uncomfortable while it tries release.



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