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Projecting Shadows

When leaving the binding nature of a safe but restrictive life within the matrix, something occurs during and after the moment of exit that can cause most of us to turtle back into the matrix.

The exit spontaneously inspires the unearthing of buried shadows and invites us to dissolve these shadows. These shadows are not just optional aspects of self that playfully want to be illuminated and dissolved, they are aspects that must be dissolved to access true freedom or as some call it - enlightenment.

Shadows rise to the surface in any form they can as we travel on our path to ultimate freedom. If we lack the courage to work through them in full transparency, acceptance and compassion, we unconsciously raise energy and manifest conflict and drama. As conflict and drama arise, we can either project them onto others or accept the lessons we much need to dissolve shadows on this path to freedom.

This deep drop over the edge towards freedom requires full personal responsibility and accountability in all areas of life. These shadows are desires which we’ve ignored out of fear, and over time have become completely buried, fortified and forgotten.

This drama attraction is perfect. It is a divine gift that offers one the opportunity to work through shadows. Just remember, shadows just want to inspire wholeness. They reveal aspects of self that we’ve denied, and now want to be embodied so that we can live our fullest radiant potential.

Say you have a shadow of exploring intimacy with another of the same sex. You’ve never explored it because of imagined fears, and now on your path to enlightenment, it shines again. How will you embody the gift that this shadow wants to bestow? Does it mean you need to be Gay, or does it want to show you how to experience love from all genders? One will not know the truth until the desire is em


The longer we deny a shadow its existence, the stronger the internal desire becomes to experience said shadow. The more we deny our desire its life, the deeper a chasm grows within the psyche creating larger and larger psychotic episodes coated in denial and suppression.

One never knows the reason for a shadow as it knocks at our door, but by the law of attraction, this shadow will continue to find any path it might on its way to light, if indeed our deepest desire is enlightenment.

When we jump we need the humility to ask for help and the depth of re

al experience - not merely imagined experience - as we face our fears. And as we face our fears, we need the courage to walk directly into our shadows, to embrace their wisdom, and to act out the original desire.



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