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Sovereignty and the Coward.

When we have experienced trauma of any kind - whether it was created through physical, spiritual or mental harm – we may naturally and unconsciously attempt to take back our power/independence/sovereignty. We may also completely surrender or give up out of compassion and/or cowardice.

When we unconsciously move from the victim experience – we move into what we might believe is a hero/healer/nurturing role. But when we are unconsciously in those new roles, and those roles are tied to a hidden desire of being released from feeling victim, we fall into a variable ground of instability. We can create the illusion that we are nurturing others, but when we dive deep and examine another’s boundaries, or our hidden agenda through open communication and honesty, we can uncover an unconscious role that when experienced from another’s point-of-view, illuminates our new role as their predator/judge/persecutor.

All we are doing from this space is attracting and fostering new victims.

The first form of surrendering can be a difficult pattern to become conscious of and transform from. Surrendering in a state of cowardice is actually giving up, and generally comes with unknown boundaries and many excuses that say statements such as; I don’t want to hurt anyone, I love deeply, I can accept where I am, I have compassion, I want to survive. All these statements of compassion are unfortunately full of victim preservation. This process reduces quality of life to a state of ‘acceptable suffering’ and instantaneously drops us straight into the victim role over and over and over again.

When our experience of a short-term or long-term traumatic event has completed a cycle and we are able to surrender to compassion for the predator, hero and victim, we move into a space of overwhelming heart centered grace where divine gifts from the Universe are revealed. In that moment we move into the aware self – a space where the mirror triangle shows its truth(gift). Heavy emotions might flow from here including humility, anger, joy, love, sadness, frustration, and many more. But this is where we reveal our personal truth where divinity resides and freedom flows. This difficult surrender breaks a cycle and offers a way to move out of this back-and-forth battle for freedom.

When we have surrendered into authentic compassion we can move into a space of consciousness where we exist in a state of fluid awareness while being present with everything. This fluid awareness joins all moments, events and emotions. We can enjoy the richness and depth of each experience without getting lost or trapped in a repetitive cycle of struggle. We now experience the richness of each moment and all that is tied to it through our conscious heart of divinity. Once an event ends, we enjoy the conscious space that joins each event. And that conscious space is viewed and experienced as richly as any event.

When listening to music (experiences), if we were not conscious of the silent parts (conscious space), all the notes (events) would be experienced as chaos (suffering). Notice how music with more space feels more relaxing.

Photo Credit - Vehlantra McNally



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