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The Nurturing Power of Opposites

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

In relationships – where kids are involved – it becomes more obvious about balance for the children’s growth. Without seeing what is happening, one partner might become highly adjusting to meeting every need that the child outwardly expresses for nurturing, while the other partner will show the children independence through meeting those children's unexpressed needs through structure.

We now have common relationships where partners are seemingly at odds with each other while meeting different needs of the children. From each parents viewpoint, the other parent looks wrong, even though this polarization is bringing harmony and balance to the children’s world.

In a complicated and dynamic parenting role today where the Female and Male roles are not completely obvious and defined as they once were. Where the female once was the nurturer, and male the formal structurer. We now see reversed roles with the male taking on the nurturing role, and the female taking on the role of building structure. Not saying that this hasn’t happened in the past, but it is more openly accepted than what we are used to seeing. This co-parenting method of opposites might look messy from the outside and feel messy from the inside, but when we look at the balance this brings to the children, we see that at all odds, it is perfect as it is. If the parents could see how their style of parenting the children is complimenting and not in opposing the others parents parenting style – communication, respect and love would be free to flow between the parents.

The universe wants to see balance in the children's lives. If one partner wants the other partner to move further into nurturer role, then that parent must be willing to provide more of the structuring role. It is all about shared balance.

And yes, it is that simple.



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