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The Shame Redemption

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Shame is undoubtedly the most challenging and devastating emotion to overcome and the root of most of our limitations. Most coaches are not good at helping people overcome this stubborn and difficult emotion. This is because as we experience life events and/or what we consider shameful trauma, which we attach stories to justify our shame, we create a wildly profound chasm in our energetic field. Most coaches don’t recognize the energetic field.

This shame emotion comes with a subset of feelings like mistrust, powerlessness, and worthlessness. Generally, when seeing a traditional therapist, we work on the obvious feelings and attempt to overcome a loss of personal power that comes with them. But the truth is, without diving into the seeds of shame with a mind, body, spirit, and emotion focus, we move in and out of a hopeful repetitive shame loop.

The longer we allow shame to reside in our energy field and subconscious mind, the more entrenched the energetic patterns become. Also, the more we allow self-judgement - reflected in judgement of others - to exist as a normal part of our identity, the further we sink into a despicable badger’s den of self hate or body part hate.

Shame is basically an accepted story which turns into deceptive self-judgment. A story that poisons any self-loving root system that we might have had. The less we love ourselves, and the more we flow in victim, the more difficult it is to pull out of a deep shame story.

With the implementation of these story patterns we unconsciously create a separation in our energy field. This separation occurs as a result of not accepting the body part that is the object of our shame. This body part might be one or more components or might even be the entire physical body.

When we feel shame around our genitals, breasts or any other body part, and treat a body part as separate, our energy body energetically separates it from our whole. When this happens, it is only time before we experience the result of those instructions. We begin to see the power of our body. What it is like for the body to recognize our ‘free will’ and our conscious ‘want’ to segregate from these parts. The body will begin to poison that segregated area through any means possible.

If attempting to heal the conscious aspect of shame through awareness, sooner rather than later, the shame will start to appear in other confusing ways. They may manifest in unconscious avoidance and recoiling from things we desire, others being repulsed by our presence, or deeper yet, we may begin to have dark subconscious thoughts that enter our day and night dreams with self-imposing images such as suicide, skin cutting or other unpleasant visions.

Body/energy separation is delivered in more ways than just through shame.

When we have anger, rage or stress and accept the widely accepted belief that this is a natural way to release - through sex or masturbation - we create an unhealthy link between the root of that emotion and our genitals which creates segregation.

If you are feeling the need to release anger, find another route such as meditation, exercise, hot/cold therapy, scream therapy – then take your loving self somewhere conscious and enjoy blissful and intentional self-pleasure.

When we begin the shame excavation, under the supervision of a good non-dual coach, or tantric bodyworker, we uncover and through redemption heal all levels of these unknown seeds and fruits of the original shame.



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