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The taste of BullShit

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Many belief systems are in essence BS (bullshit). They present illusions about needs for safety. Safety from emotions like heartache, loneliness, worthless, insecurity, abandon, and many others. This BS masks irrational fears of feeling these emotions.

The process begins when we judge the rich feeling of emotions as negative or positive. Once we are in a space of non-acceptance an illusion appears as an opportunity to help move from this 'negative' emotion. However, this desire to suppress this emotion can separate us from living a quality life.

After some struggle, our desire to ignore - as opposed to diving in - begins to attract convincing stories about how we should avoid these emotions at all costs. The stories start to become supported through the media and inauthentic conversations. As they build over time, and as we subject ourselves to the delusion of how we feel better without feeling these powerful feelings, we begin to solidify our illusions and create needs. Needs that support our story. The interesting thing is, when we bury heartache, we can begin to feel loneliness, and when we bury loneliness we can start to experience worthless, and the game goes on and on until one feels completely abandoned. Because of this, one of our needs might be to have an external validation that one is worthy.

Soon in this journey, our belief systems will begin to either cause physical illness and/or may cause conflict or drama. The conflict or drama generally occurs when we are open and seeking an avoidant solution to the responsive feeling we are experiencing. Drama and conflict bring within them opportunities to reach an expanded state of awareness. Subconsciously we are creating and attracting drama and conflict into our lives to help illuminate something in our life that is not working - or is not flowing in our best interest. These can usually be traced to a suppressed emotion resulting from some sort of trauma. Trauma being anything that has us feel a loss of personal power.

Our divine self wants us to be present and experiencing experiences in the fullness of each experience. When we have suppressed emotional experiences we are not able to openly experience life. Our divine self will continue to push us in some way to feel that original repressed emotion so that you can move on into the next authentic experience, or in some cases into letting go of another repressed emotion.

Letting emotions that are tied to drama/conflict 'consciously' explode in whatever form they are trying to become allows us to visit the lesson and ultimately transcend the belief system and experience relief from our internal struggle.

Feel the richness of all dark emotions much like you would any light emotion that you have no negative judgment towards such as love, inspiration, bliss, etc..  Can you feel joy in heartache? A desire to ignore an emotion is caused by a belief system that supports fear of the unknown, or labels, or stories. Where will this emotion take me? How long will I cry for? Will it ever end? I can't be seen like this! Giving into the fear of being in a vulnerable space never makes one strong!

Once we move in drama and conflict with present point awareness and accept that our belief systems are habitual stories that appear as needs - needs that support those beliefs which won’t allow us to fully open - we can experience life in its fullness and surrender into our most magical essence. 🙂



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