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Ballet Bob and a Moment of Inspired Desire

There are moments in life where energy doesn’t seem to be moving our way. Nothing is working as our Minds want it to happen. Relationships, work, and even conversations can be victim. As much as we believe we are in control of all events, we have to accept there are others exploring this space. And they too have freedom to move about and experience life In their own vibrational way. As much as we want an apple to taste like an orange - if we are successful in tasting orange - it is only an illusion that will end.

Energy comes and energy goes. Like the sound of a motorcycle approaching, passing and leaving energy builds up and then fades away. Love, lessons and all of life inspirations are much the same. Some come and go quickly and some stay for long periods of time. If we try to force energy to stay, things get rough. Imagine not letting the motorcycle's sound from leaving at its peak. The sound may change and become unbearable. Holding it would interfere or muffle other sounds, (experiences) in their will to come and go.

When we forgive our control and let go into vulnerability and surrender, energy has a way of leading us to what we truly desire.

Years ago I was at a hypnosis event with some family and friends. The hypnotist has my friend Bob in a deep trance and instructs Bob to dance like a ballerina. Bob‘s physique was nothing like a ballerina, so you can imagine how funny his dance was to the small crowd. After the event was over, I was inspired to start calling him Ballet Bob. Something we laughed about over many occasions.

One day about two years later I was asked to attend a church service for a special occasion. As I sat in the middle of a packed church with some of my in-laws, and about 1000 strangers, I was ultra surprised when I saw Bob walk onto the stage. He was the service chairperson!

First thing he said was “Good morning!” The entire crowd returned with a very loud “Good morning!” Anyone who knew me at the time knows I was deathly afraid of any sort of public speaking. Anything to do with my voice. But as everyone finished speaking something deep inside of me caused me to stand tall in that crowd. And as everyone finished with their reply, and just before Bob could start talking again, I loudly exclaimed for everyone to hear, “Good Morning Ballet Bob!”

Bob stopped, was forced to go outside of his usual script and with a huge smile, returned an awkward "good morning Roger" to me.

And the energy subsided.

It was a beautiful lesson for me in letting inspired desire appear and move.



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