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Chasing Euphoria

When we desire to disconnect from that which is 'appearing' to suffocate or cause internal tension, some personalities seek external sources for relief. When this desire to seek the external is alive, the mind is without ease, grace, joy, and love. One is out of balance.

A good indicator that an imbalance is happening is when blame or shame are alive and active. When one feels burdened or stressed one might be in a space of flight, fight, freeze, or faun. When one is in either low vibration survival energy he/she/they will point to a job, spouse, friend, the past, or even the end of a stagnant situation as the cause. Assigning blame. Sometimes these things can be arriving perfectly with a message. The energy may be strategically identifying the imbalance whilst fear-based emotions keep one in drama loops repeating old patterns of - blame and shame - victim and perpetrator - unhealthy and imbalance - hero and villain....

A drama loop is a repeating pattern of behavior in which a person becomes emotionally reactive and engages in behaviors that perpetuate a cycle of conflict or drama. Drama loops can occur in personal relationships, at work, or in other social settings.

Examples of drama loops are:

  1. The Victim loop: A person who consistently plays the role of the victim and refuses to take responsibility for their own actions, leading to a cycle of feeling oppressed and unsupported. But they will become the Rescuer and Perpetrator to support or reinforce other's victim loops.

  2. The rescuer loop: A person who tries to solve and fix other people's victim based issues, leading to a cycle of codependency and enabling unhealthy behaviors that support the drama triangle.

  3. The persecutor loop: A person who consistently plays the role of the aggressor and blames others for their problems (victim), leading to a cycle of conflict and blame in the drama triangle. They will employ the rescuer to reinforce the victim.

These loops also show up in the conscious mirror pyramid. Breaking out of drama loops can be challenging, but it is possible when one develops a personal awareness of how dreaming can not only influence our path, but also those around us. When we accept another's dream of us we completely or temporarily loose or ignore our delicate connection to the original dream of self. The connection is delicate because we have had limited time and effort in reinforcing its karmic (energetic) pull. However, another's dream of us can support our original dream just as powerful as the reinforcer can reinforce our victim loop. In drama loops, one's unoriginal dreams (unhealthy belief systems) are the source of tension and limitations. The original dream of you and the accepted dream of anther is causing friction and wants you to sort it all out. Your soul dream (original dream) wants to prevail. It wants you to become aware of the dreams you've accepted from others. Aware of the social conditioning or familial conditioning that has twisted and suppressed your original dream (passion/purpose).

The disconnect pressure we are feeling is a catalyst to something far greater than you can currently perceive. This is important to see and accept this truth because what is arriving is the next evolution of you. It is all arriving perfectly in this time and space. It is only your mind’s resistance to the moment, to the new that is arriving that is causing the delusion of suffocation.

Your future you is casting dream magic upon you. This magick is here to help the current you progress to the its next evolutionary stage of you. This heavy place is basically an expansion catalyst. The resistance is old story, old programming, old dreams of you, and outdated belief systems.

The unfortunate play for some is to subdue and deny the arrival through substance addiction.

When in this space, one can turn to meditation and shamanistic support. There are energies that can support the process - if we stay clean and have the patience to tune in.

Like a drug, a Shaman can help provide the psychotropic energy needed to transmute the sources of constriction. This energy provides an opportunity to see and shift the root of this cycle.

Sometimes it isn't obvious where the help is arriving from, but if one becomes open, aware and expectant for this energy, you may find yourself in the presence of a human shaman, an opportunity to shift with or without plant medicine, or become aware of new abilities which are naturally arriving on their own without the help of an external source. This isn't about seeking. It is about noticing and allowing.

The energy of euphoria is here in this moment and always has been here. Allowing yourself the power to tap into it effortlessly will support the transformation you need.

Expect all you need will arrive in this moment in a spectrum of ease and joy. The joy itself if accepted will transmute the source of suffering and bring about the much needed euphoric state.


When our attention is divided between our inner world (mind), outer world (what we see), and source world (spirit), we create a separation in our conscious experience and distance ourselves from love and unity. During brief moments of transition between these worlds, we may experience a blending or crossover that leads to small moments of bliss. These moments may seem significant based on our current experience, but they can also trick the mind into thinking that the key to ongoing bliss is to focus on the opposite world in which we normally reside. This leads to a cycle of struggle and movement between worlds. True freedom and enlightenment can be found when we simultaneously pay attention to and live in all three worlds – outer, inner, and source – in a state of peaceful freedom. This allows us to experience our truth as powerful divine beings in an infinite conscious experiencer of love and life.


Freedom can be found in the open-minded human who is unable to stop their thoughts from blissfully leaving their mouth, accompanied by wild laughter. It can also be found by the billionaire or the tradesman who are living their dream, passion and purpose.

Many of us search for something that we cannot quite identify, feeling a huge void or emptiness to fill. We may look, explore, and travel in an attempt to fill this space. And while those are not terrible things to do, the 'seeking' itself is a source of suffering. Wandering freely with passion and openness into myriad experiences will offer fantastic rewards, while 'seeking' the same will be rooted in suffering.

To find true fulfillment and expression, one must let go of limiting beliefs, conditioning and stories then move to embrace what is arriving, including that which may 'appear' as unpleasant. Our dreams arrive in ways which are completely unexpected from the viewpoint of anther. So when we are living the dreams of others (conditioning) we can't see with complete clarity the how our dream is arriving. This will allow us to experience the authentic nature of our original dream to where we discover the contentment and answers have been within us all along.



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